How to enter and permanently remain on the Russian market by method.

An updated and concrete model of institutional support to the internationalization of Italian companies.
The current economic trend sees increasingly shrink of institutional budgets dedicated to support the actions for the internationalization of SMEs.

The Siberian Federal District and Novosibirsk, opportunities for the mechanical and engineering industry. The project is funded by the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Brescia in Lombardy among the Program Agreement and provides a series of activities in the field of scientific-technological cooperation, industrial and business deals between Italian and Si

In the past thirty years of the last century, the American airlines (followed by the European and Asian ones) have organized themselves, also for internal flights, on connections based on the “hub & spokes” concept, minimizing the use of the preceding “point to point” connection system.

The European Union, since its inception with the Treaty of Rome of 1956, has always paid special attention to that set of activities, agricultural and animal husbandry, later known as Green Europe, attention has, until a few years ago, fundamentally extrinsic in the south of the Member States.

Scenario of one of the most important and epic tank battles of the second world war (Russian – German), the today Belgorod Region is the result of the division of some of the bordering oblast areas (Kursk and Voronezh) and their successive unification as new territorial entity.