From 08 till 10 February Agenzia per la Russia will drive a mission of a Russian general contractor interested to find: know how / engineering assistance, specific products and technologies for interiors and exteriors.

The Russian company will start the construction very soon and, for this reason, they requested for Agenzia per la Russia support to select Italian reliable partners / suppliers. 

The project, based in the South of Russia, aims to develop a center dedicated to the culture of wine, a sort of "The path of wine". The center will host; restaurant, SPA and wellness, conference rooms, halls for tasting and smelling, wine cellars, etc

During the planned meetings the Russian guest will meet with advanced Italian companies able to provide solutions for a better engineering and high design solutions on renderings and plans carried out. In particular, Agenzia per la Russia involved Italian companies acting in the fields of: architecture and engineering, lighting, mechanical and electrical plants, furnitures for interior and exterior, BIM and 3D projecting/mapping, wellness, facades, etc

The project should start very soon and be ready by next summer.