Results and projects for the Russian market – post event in Turin

The magnificent location of “La Venaria Reale” located close to Turin, on 20th June 2017 hosted the event  “The polyhedral Russia and the world of Novapangea” where more than 150 companies attended.

The morning conference highlighted on the Russian art and the business. The Russian art has been illustrated and analyzed by Prof. Silvia Burini – University Cà Foscari (Venice), while the business focused mainly on the Russian market and foreign investments. A few concrete investment projects has been illustrated by Massimo Metilli, Agenzia per la Russia, and the Russian businessmen which attended directly to the conference.

The afternoon round tables linked the attending companies directly with the speakers with the aim to deeply analyze what has been illustrated in the morning.

On the table held by Massimo Metilli have been analyzed the investment projects, the market, the procedures to start a company in Russia, the way to manage the company and the business. In particular, the investment projects presented have been the following ones:

  • Pig farming
  • Touristic projects on the Black Sea
  • Innovative dive floating infrastructure
  • Innovative portable drillings for water and oil
  • Nursing homes and multidisciplinary care homes

In the end of September 2017, the first concrete business mission devoted to the touristic development sector will be done in Sochi and Black Sea. Aim of the mission is to organize several business meetings between Italian and Russian investors and architects to act together within the future projects planned on the area (some of them has already started).

The slides concerning the investment projects presented can be requested at: